Find the 3 differences -clear communication

3differLanguage is one of the most powerful communication tools; mostly when it is used in a clear, authentic and informative way. Whether it comes out of the brain of a lunatic, a horny seducer or a highly regarded senior executive.

Here we go. Find the 3 differences.

All senior shepherds acknowledged the importance of a chocolate driven plantation alongside the distracted railroad. The ceramic tables will have enough blue mustard to accommodate the bikes; all stolen by the intangible Oxford Street absentees.  And more importantly, the culinary crocks will have an executive summary of Google’s views on the outskirts of the square buttons. Research has also shown that the contamination of the Fabergé islands will gain 5%; this to underline the weakness of the invoicing process. And of the inner fear. There isn’t more in it; there are no free lunches. However, chestnut is geared up to electrify the talented beachboy and will lead to the pragmatic ironing of the cloud. This will be evidenced by the cat litter on the third infographic of Saint-Paul’s purple template.

While crying and tears will not be part of our relationship, I’ll be there for you whenever you’ll need a strong shoulder. I’ll listen to you while softly stroking your hair and dropping soft and warm kisses on the back of your neck and in your cosy and homely ears.  It’ll feel like a warm and slow wind caressing your most private and intimate parts. This will feel different than any other time—so carnal, so … necessary. I’ll caress your behind with my long-fingered hands, and you’ll feel helpless, trussed up and pressed into the mattress, at my mercy, but of your own free will. I’ll hit you slightly to the side, and again, the other side, then pause slowly and peel your panties down and pull them off. I’ll play more than words to seduce you; to give you anything you have ever dreamed of.  (OK, I admit. This is largely stolen from that 50 shades thing.)

These are exiting yet challenging times for our leading-edge operations. Our newly launched next-generation marketing strategy and enhanced focus on Big Data will guarantee the ubiquity of our products through a multi-channel and well-organised global distribution network. Together with our proven cost efficiency strategy and our ongoing LEAN management practices, we’ll ensure boosted shareholder returns. The challenging external business environment drives our November’s revised forecast downwardly. However, our first quarter results demonstrate strong net earnings growth through our successful penetration in the Middle-East and ongoing market leadership in Germany, Poland and the Baltics. The Executive Committee will also augment their support to agile programmes on diversity, inclusion and corporate social responsibility; confident that it will deliver sustainable wealth to our talented workforce, to our current and prospective clients and to all stakeholders.The-single-biggest-problem-in__quotes-by-George-Bernard-Shaw-21

Spotted the 3 differences? It’s all clear, authentic and informative, isn’t it?

Liked it? Here is another witty corporate buzzwords story.


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