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Change? Not everything is really change.

 A Saturday night pop-up shop or weekend restaurant is very much the same as 30 years ago when a local farmer was getting his urban food stall mounted on the market. It was a temporary event and the purpose was … Continue reading

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Closing down a tree ?*!*-(

Last week, I prepared to cut down a tree in our summer garden in South France. It was a large one; an old oak of close to 30 meters tall and with hundreds of wide branches. It wasn’t fun and … Continue reading

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A smiling business….in 30 seconds

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quote of the day

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

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Digital detox holidays

4 not-completed tasks, 3 outstanding calls, 63 unread messages and 2 more meetings to go for today. Due to the late arrival of the incoming plane –it’s always the same song- I have spent two hours at the Zurich airport … Continue reading

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A leadership beer at a change engagement chat.

Change is needed. For many reasons. Sometimes it’s because of financial needs, changed market conditions or competitor behaviour. Sometimes it’s just because it’s seen as progressive and innovative; it’s hot. Every-one does it so why shouldn’t we jump on the … Continue reading

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