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Stuck in your career? You can solve it. Here is the plan.

All of us encounter a stage -or stages- in our career whereby we ask ourselves: ‘Is this it? Really?’ When you doubt about that what you are daily doing. Where you are worried about your future prospects in the job, … Continue reading

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Your worst ever investment.

Is your career-racing habit your worst ever investment? Ages ago, with monies kindly received from my grandma, I put €25 to a savings account. Years later I went back to the bank and added another €45 to that account. Half … Continue reading

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Digital detox holidays

4 not-completed tasks, 3 outstanding calls, 63 unread messages and 2 more meetings to go for today. Due to the late arrival of the incoming plane –it’s always the same song- I have spent two hours at the Zurich airport … Continue reading

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